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"Beth Newell's rise to stardom began as all great sports stories do: behind a dumpster in back of a Safeway. Her car had just died. It wasn't much of a car, but without it, she was going to be late, or absent, or fired. Twenty-two years old and new to the Bay Area, she needed to get to work in the worst way. Then she spotted an abandoned Schwinn Cruiser


The bike was rusty, heavy, and soon to be garbage. Newell moved piles of trash to get to it and then remembered a key detail: ‘I never really learned how to ride a bike’”


Full article available at “The Road Less Traveled” - The East Bay Express, August 24, 2011 .



Beth has been professionally trained in media presentation. From many local TV interviews, to The New York Times and espnW, Beth generates local, national, and international exposure.

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