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Obligatory new website post

Considering that it is 2014, I figured it was about time I modernize and create a proper website. I started my blog (beth bikes!) back in 2007 and only "updated" the template once. (It went from orange to slightly less orange.) For 7 years (until yesterday), I kept the same cover photo on my blogspot. It was a picture from a track race, back when I owned one pair of cycling shorts and didn't even know what bibs were!

Let's be honest: my blog got really stale. Most bloggers have a shelf life of a couple of years. My glory days on the internet were definitely back in 2008-2009. There were some good times.... measuring quads.... keirin cut jean crusade with michael first pee test.....

I couldn't bare to delete my old blog - too many good times. So I embedded it into this website. You can find it where is says BLOG (duh!). Maybe I'll keep writing on there, maybe I'll do it here. I'm not exactly sure yet.

Why would I write on my old blog, when I have a fancy new one? Good question: First, it's hard for me to adapt to new technologies sometimes. I mean, I still haven't added a cover page photo to my facebook profile! Second, I can only add one photo per post on here... so that isn't very fun. So, check both sections in case I shake it up on you.

If you made it this far, you are a real champ. You must actually care about what I have to say (for some reason) or be extremely bored. So, just for you, hopefully this fancy new website will make me write more fun stories about bike happenings. And I do hope you think it is pretty. I made this all myself. And if you think it looks like crap, I don't care and don't leave a comment.

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