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Hexing Copperopolis

My preparation for Copperopolis road race was a bit less than ordinary this year. In past years, I do what most people do.... take off season, ride my bike a lot in the winter, do some early season races, and then get ready for the Easter weekend showdown.

I know its not the World Championships or anything, but its a race I've really wanted to win. It seems like it has been that one local race that has just been haunting me. For the last three years, I've had some bum luck. After last years untimely dropped chain, I was convinced that no one in history has gotten on the podium more without winning this damn race, and declared I had the Copperopolis curse.

As I said, my preparation for this race was a bit different this year. Because I committed myself to the trackie life, my quads are getting huger by the minute and my climbing is getting more suckballs, especially considering I was enjoying off season but a scant month ago.


But I had some serious beef to pick with this race. Given that my form was unknown, I decided I needed some new tricks to win this thing. So, I spent Good Friday learning about Black Magic. I googled "how to do a hex" and read this awesome WikiHow article titled: How to do the Black Magic. I mean, can you really beat the title? "how to do the black magic." I live in East Oakland, so getting all wicken and lighting some candles in the front yard and doing a chant aren't really an option. I'm already the crazy white girl in the neighborhood riding around in spandex, so no need to draw extra attention to myself by looking like a Harry Potter enthusiast. Instead, my hex involved jumping up and down in the living room wailing my arms instead of doing my pilates.

I guess it worked, as I finally won this bloody race. The race definitely didn't start pretty for me, and I suffered for the first lap - downing as many gels and drinking as much water as I could. By lap 3 I felt good, and attacked on the climb and stayed away to the finish. The norcal women who come out to this always come ready to ride hard, and today was no different. Big props to the Folsom Bikes riders for some stellar riding! As i was coming to the finish solo, I was sure I was going to flat in the last 1k, but I prayed to Jesus and didn't. Only fitting that I was thanking Jesus, despite me flirting with the wickens the day before. I had to make ammends before Easters.

Huge thanks to my sponsors this year! Shimano - bike shifts like a dream! No dropped chain this year! Neil Pryde Bikes - The BuraSL is super light and handles awesome! Jakroo Custom Apparel - sweet looking kits with a comfy chamois...imperative on this course! Clif Bar - I ate 9 gels today, so thank you. Smith Optics - these sunglasses are my favorite ever. They fit great and can't beat the optics. And thanks to my man, Michael - this one's for you!!!

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