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Fall Training

After a much too short time at home, and an unfortunate bout of food poisoning, it was back to the OTC. Traveling a bunch can be a pain, so this trip I decided to pack light. My plan was to mooch off my roomates. Maybe I should have put deoderant in there too.

At the OTC we can get mail. My friend Brittany from college mailed me a book on what it takes to get to the Olympics. Here are some choice pages. Anyone training seriously should read this.

Here is Tela Crane at TP Camp. She is chillin' in the dining hall, where we spend a lot of time.

It was lovely fall weather in Colorado - so we got to do some road riding. Here are the #SMITHWOMEN. Smith Optics sunglasses are awesome - and here are all the TP ladies who wear them!

Being back in Colorado meant one thing - 6am bootcamp. Sgt. Jeri brought out his A-game this time around. Here is us in relay race. Burpees and sled pushes.

He had us do this thing called "the wiggle". It was supposedly an ab exercise. It was perhaps the first ever physical exercise I've ever done that seriously cracked me. All my teammates were done with the circuits and they lapped me twice. And there I was trying to do the wiggle. The next day I woke up and couldn't move my neck. I obviously didn't have the technique right, as it was supposed to be an ab exercise. So I RockTaped up and look like I got in a car accident.

Here is Jeri with all of us - we survived. And we got this little framed photo for him. I say "we" but it was really Lauren Tamayo who worked her majic. She is all artsy fartsy. When I suggested we just use PicStitch, she bawked at me, and spent her off day putting together a really cool photoshop collage of ach of us doing our "favorite" exerise. For me, it definitely WASN'T the wiggle! THANKS JERI!

It wasn't all bootcamp - we did some track riding too. Here is us doing the TPing!

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