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Guadalajra World Cup

After our Colorado training camp, we headed home for a week before our World Cup selection camp in LA. I was happy to make the World Cup team for the year.

The first World Cup was in Guadalajra, Mexico. The new team pursuit format changed to three rounds at the World Cups, so it mimics the Olympic format. Basically, you need to get into the top 8, then it is a modified tournament style. I won't bore you with the rules, but if you are curious go to the and try to navigate their website!

In Guadalajra, I was an alternate, but going to sub-in for Sarah Hammer after the qualification round. The team pursuit was held over two days, and on the second she had the Omnium to race. Unfortunately, there were some issues in the ride, and we didn't qualify for the next round. This was a real big disappointment for the whole team, but it provided extra good motivation for the two World Cups. Here are some pohtos from Guadalajara.

Reviewing the video after a training effort.

Time to pin numbers.

This is our awesome staff. As you can see, we really give them headaches, as Viggo is about to pull out all his hair!

Warmup time!

The race is on. It is really hard to get a photo of an iphone, but I did my best!

This is the track in Guadalajra. It was really pretty and I loved it a lot!

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