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London World Cup

After Guadalajra, we were ready to get it right at the next World Cup in London. I was excited to get to race in London, as the British fans are really into track!

We were in Mallorca for a couple of weeks training before the London race - here are a couple of photos.

A door.

Being tourists.

Old stuff

We got to London and it was really exciting to get race in the "pringle" as they call it. This is where the Olympics in 2012 was held.

As I said, the crowds in London were HUGE. I love racing in the UK, because it is so loud and so many fans!

The World Cup format was a bit different in London, we had 3 team pursuit rides in one day. In this race it was Jen Valente, Lauren Tamayo, Ruth Winder and myself. We had been practicing the last few weeks, and were excited to race and see what we could do. We had a good qualifier - we qualified 4th - which is better than we had done in awhile, and that was without Sarah riding, so that was a good morale booster for us. As I mentioned, the rules had changed a bit, and in the next round, we ended up getting disqualified on a technicality. It was a real bummer, as we were riding well, and wanted the opportunity to ride for a medal spot. But, live and learn. We could at least take away some positives that we were making improvements with our qualification round.

Here is Ruth leading the charge.

The start!

It is rare you go to a race and do some tourist stuff, but it was such that my plane ticket was not the day after my race. So I spent some time tropsing around with Lauren Stephens. We saw some famous stuff, went on the London Eye... but my favorite was definitely going to high tea.

Afternoon tea with Lauren Stephens - yum!

This isn't London Bridge, it is Tower Bridge. (I think)



Be careful out there!

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