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beth newell = beth hernandez

Well, we did it! Michael and I finally tied the knot.

What does this mean? Well, now I get to call Michael my husband. And I get to call myself Beth Hernandez.

I also get to update the homepage on my webiste. Take note.

Also, I can finally use this fake tatoo that Michael gave me last year, as it is now addressed to the correct person.

Michael and I had some fun bike riding on our honeymoon in Los Alamos (California, not New Mexico!). Here are some pictures from training camp... err, honeymoon!

Coming down Mt. Fig.

Eating some food waiting for Michael on the top of Mt Fig.

Pretty roads in Los Alamos

More Los Alamos


More riding.

Only fools bring their TT bike on their honeymoon

No more photos!

Lots of riding, but lots of sleeping too!

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